Times are rough y’all! We are almost a month away until we go on our summer tour, and we still are short on funds. It is not something we expected to happen since we took the time to ask ‘the territorial authorities’ to support us; we filled-out about ten applications. The answer: You’re association is still too young to receive funds. Darn that be harsh.
Not to worry all you fun language lovin’ people, this is not going to stop the caravan from trucking this summer, for we have come –up with a solution: We are being crowd-funded!
Yes crowd funding! That platform that allows young, inspiring, creative, eloquent, never before seen projects to live, thanks to all of the lovely people that want to help out. This is where ‘you’ the reader come in.
All you need to do is log on to Ulule. Look for ‘La Caravane des langues’ and give a donations. I will actually render the task easier by adding the link. Internet has made us kinda lazy right?

click here to crowdfund 😀

Besides giving us your love-in form of cash-or if you have decided to give us more than 50€ you will actually be able to meet us and give us hugs and stuff. You will be rewarded! There is a great list of things that we bestow to our supporters and fans.
We really need your help and we would be very grateful since this project is made by the ‘people’ for the ‘people’. It is to make the world a better place, where we all can communicate in different languages, without any complexes. Now, I want a world like that, don’t you?
So now you know it, for those of you that want our project to run this summer, you goal is to click on the link provided as soon as you finish reading this sentence.

Remember we are counting on you! Thanks- the Caravan team

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